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22.08.10 18:00

GLAM 2009 Report

I make areport of the BLAM-Show in 2009.

Also some pictures of old  mooks and the aw in the...

17.08.10 20:51

Soviets and more

Painted my Atomic cafe Soviets and Nixon .

Also some Spiders in Atomic Insects and a few more...

12.08.10 23:40

Old stuff

OK more Old stuff .

I edit the old Gangsters and the Horde from the old hangar


31.07.10 14:53

Some nice updates

it was a loog time but now some news 

I edit more atomic cafe boondockers, town and desert...

17.07.10 14:54

Directly from the hanger

Hi All 

A new news from the hangar .

I edit some stuff in the Atomic cafe side.

A car for...

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