Game Report 
President 4Live Nixon 
Pougkeepise Pink Pummerlers 
HH and the kit kat club 
The Local Cops 
Town and Desert 
Maniacs and Mutants 
Atomic Insects 
The Mooseketeers 
Federal Defense Force 
Bowling League 
Greasers (50s Gang) 
purple peopele eater

Town and Desert

Here I will show you what sort of Terrain I will use or the Game .

I stard with the Atomic Diner but moer will come soon .




car from ???

Bitz and bobs

a table need alltime bitz and bobs for cover or other gaming stuff.

Here are the things I use for the atomic cafe game .

Roadkills from armorcarst
Siko 1/56 Bus
to support Brigadegames at the Tactica show
Doc Hutson from Disny cars
old toy cars can be easy use as cover
to show atomic hotspots

The Checkpoint

The checkpoint is made of styrofoam and a few parts rom Pardulon.

The rest is made from Toy car stuff.

The gas station

The building is made of an old plasticville garage the backwalls are made of styrofoam and a lot of the parts (windows...) are from Pardulon

The Diner 

The diner is made of a plasticville super market front and some polystrene walls.

The door and windows are from parduon the indoor stuff is from old crow and the roof is made of crinkled cardboard .

Posters are ferom the internet or selfmade with comic live .