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Maniacs and Mutants 

There are many Maniacs and Mutants out there some are heroes some are villains .

Here I will show you what figures I will use in the atomic cafe game .

Some of them are ``official``atomic cafe figures some are figures of other companys but they catch the theme of the game (I think)  .

Look at the Picture Name to see wich company they are from.

``Mutants`` from Brigade Games
``The Strumming Samurai`` from Brigade Games
``the king of kool `` from Brigade Games
Brigade Ganes ``The Lone Guitarist``
Brigade Games ``Super Duper Man``
Brigade Games ``Super Duper Man``
Hasselfee Miniatures ``Professor Beattie``
Hasselfee Miniatures ``Professor Beattie``


These Mutant is a conversion of a old Graven I. figure .

Vikotnik (from The LAF) sculpt a new head for the figure .

He do that in a very short time at a show these year .

For these few hours he do a amazing job .

Thanks for that present old chap : )