Bandits of china 
God bless the Queen! 
White Guards 
"Devil Dogs" 
Enver Pashas Adventure 
"U 24 Katzenhai " 

Interwar and World War One 

That is my favorite Wargameing period because it is the time were all the nice pulpgeames are set in.

Also it was a wild time were the world order are change to what it is today .

What I like on these time line is that you didenīt have such modern weapons of nowdays , it was all a bit experimentel .

On the left side you can see wich figures I us for the many armys of the these time.

They will reach from the early ww1 to the scw from far east to the western front  .

Please be indulge with me I am sure not all stuff is 100% historical painted.


cheers Grimm