Game Report 
President 4Live Nixon 
Pougkeepise Pink Pummerlers 
HH and the kit kat club 
The Local Cops 
Town and Desert 
Maniacs and Mutants 
Atomic Insects 
The Mooseketeers 
Federal Defense Force 
Bowling League 
Greasers (50s Gang) 

8th Avenue Gereasers 

These are the Greaser Gang from Brigade Games atomic cafe range 9 gangers and one mutant .

As I paint the mutant (brute) I remember the old kattle/wecking crew thing from the music band meteors and I can´t resist to paint him a Meteors T-shirt.

I know that isen´t 1957 but I am sure I see some guys at shows wich look near the same as the brute .

The cars at the last picture are from hot weels mac donalds and disney pixar cars , all are a bit repainted or inked.