On this Side you will find my favorite sites in the web:





Hamburger Tactica - The biggest german convention in Hamburg. Watch the Website for the dates. I'm one of the organization-team. Please support me and come...


Miniaturicum - This is the Webshop of my good friend Michael, also known as the tinpimp. Sometimes he can handle to send single figures out of multipacks.

Battlefield Berlin - Biggest german trader in the web and also with a shop in Berlin. Very friendly guys with a lot of stuff, also exotic companies.


Rattrap Production - These are the producers of 45 Adventure, one of my number one games

Triumph & Tragedy

Boot Hill Miniatures - Shop of my friend malamute. Good stuff....

Pardulon - A good guy from kiel. In his shop you can get all the stuff in resin you always desired - Walls, Doors, Cars, and so on...


Witchhunter - Good ol' chap, best man and mastermind behind my old side. A big painter.

Tom Weiss - One of german best painters.You can see his work on sides of conquest, Artizan and so on. Nice guy.

Plastikfreunde - These is the site of a good friend of mine, he is leader of a greate Playmobil army. He has made his own table(ground)top rules. Really funny stuff

Matakashis teahouse - He is the master of inner city buildings, you need a lot of time for all the good things of his site.


Sweatwater Forum - This is the best German Historical Wargaming Forum known as SWEET WATER FORUM.

Lead Adventure Forum - This is the Amazing LEAD ADVENTURE FORUM, a forum special in Adventure Gaming.