Welcome to Grimm's Hangar!!!

The Master himself

you are one of the people that get an air ticket for a flight behind time and space!

You can follow Grimm to the ice cold coast of the north sea to plunder with the first norse raiders or you can be a part in "Last of the Mohicans".

Fly over the Himalaya in a german zepelin to fight with the warlords of China .

Explore the lost world where men only survived by the power of the spear or take a trip to the jungles of Darkest Afrika.

Be a part of the "Great Game" and struggle for British India, make the shoot out at the OK Corral and ride a rhinox as an oger mercenary.

So, fast your seatbelts and klick at one the adventures .

cheers Grimm

P.S: Thanks to Alex "witchhunter" Bews and Nurgel HH for building me this Hangar , Zoogla and Tom for their inspiration in painting, Loki and Björn for show me "45Adventure" and "Triumph&Tragedy", all the Crazy's in my wargaming club for support and all guys from the Lead Adventure and the Sweetwater forums.


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