Tuesday 17. of August 2010 Soviets and more

Painted my Atomic cafe Soviets and Nixon .

Also some Spiders in Atomic Insects and a few more pictures in Rumble.

The Pulp section get my old civilians .

They are not the best painted figures but ......



Thursday 12. of August 2010 Old stuff

OK more Old stuff .

I edit the old Gangsters and the Horde from the old hangar


Saturday 31. of July 2010 Some nice updates

it was a loog time but now some news 

I edit more atomic cafe boondockers, town and desert (more cars), rollergirls , more zombies.

also a picture in bandits of china (interwar side )

and the

upcoming dungeons and...

Saturday 17. of July 2010 Directly from the hanger

Hi All 

A new news from the hangar .

I edit some stuff in the Atomic cafe side.

A car for the cops, new terrain and a few atomic insects .

Also the pulp stuff get some new figures the chaingang and the pulpy asia town...

Saturday 06. of March 2010 More stuff

so Tactica show is over now and I have the time to edit a bit to my wepside.

BTW if you miss the Tactica show shame on you it was fantastic.

More stuff in the Atomic Cafe board nad some nice creatures in the colonial board...

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